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lead4ward makes a positive difference in the lives of educators and in the lives of school children. As professionals, we are committed to supporting quality education that will change the world. Serving over 700 districts, lead4ward is an essential partner in supporting the success of our schools. lead4ward anticipates and integrates the changing needs of schools in its work with educators to support all learners in achieving their highest potential.

Success requires transformative leadership. Working with the district in a coordinated service delivery model, lead4ward works to build capacity in district and campus leadership teams, creates a sustainable leadership structure to support ongoing work.

The consultants at lead4ward provide services to support the work of teachers and leaders as they transform learning for students. The members of the lead4ward team are uniquely qualified, experienced, and committed to serving educators. We are committed to providing professional development and consulting services to help leaders and teachers meet the needs of the changing assessment system.

TEKS Snapshots


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TEKS Scaffold Document


lead4ward TEKS Scaffold | resources website

Two Horses, Two Riders Puzzle | printable cards